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Writing Instructions & Tutoring. Research & Term Papers. Custom Essay Writing. Personal Statements. Undergraduate and Graduate School Applications. Master's & Ph.D Dissertation Consultation and Guidance.

The Writer's Coach is a person not a team.  The Writer's Coach will look at your problem himself and will suggest ways for you to solve that problem.  As a retired professor, he will pay attention to the teacher's prompt so that he can tell you what your professor is looking for in your essay. The Writer's Coach has been permanently engaged in helping students at all levels for fifteen years.  He enjoys what he does and he would like to help you get the very best education  and the very best grades possible.

The Writer's Coach is a professional writer and holds a Ph.D (London, UK). Located in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, The Writer's Coach  provides professional writing  service and assistance for academic research, employment, and commercial purposes.  Clients include professional and commercial corporations, students, and job seekers.

  • Term Papers and Essays Writing and Instructions
  • Research Papers Guidance
  • Writing assistance
  • Master's/Doctorate (Ph.D) Dissertation Assistance, Research, and Guidance
  • Personal Statements Advice & Instructions
  • University and College Admission Essays
  • Graduate Schools Admission Essays
  • Job applications, résumé, curriculum vitae


What does The Writer's Coach do?

The first thing that I am going to tell you is exactly what I have told people who have sat down opposite me to talk about their research papers, critical essays, and persuasive speeches for many years now.    

To begin with, take a deep breath. You have come to the right place. Yes I have taught Economics, History, Sociology, Philosophy, Political Science, Comparative Literature, in the capacious halls on the Liberal Arts side of campus. But you are here because you have a writing problem.

How The Writer's Coach can help you

You have been to the lectures, read the books, downloaded some information that you think might help.  But you just don't know quite how to start, right? Good!  Realizing all that is the first part of wisdom.  The second part is to fire off an email to The Writer's Coach and tell me what the problem is. 

Give The Writer's Coach a call!

Whether we are talking about "choosing the thesis", finding research materials, developing an argument, or wrapping it all up in a powerful conclusion, I will be able to help you depending on where you are in your freshman essay, research term paper, or scientific report.  So whichever one of these has you scratching your head right now, please get in touch with The Writer's Coach.  If you think that email is too slow, just pick up the phone and call The Writer's Coach 1-310-452-2865





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