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Most students complain about not getting the proper attention by professional personal statement writers. The Writer’s Coach will offer personalized admission guidance so that students are able to tell their personal stories in an engaging manner. The Writer’s Coach treats students just like his pupils instead of viewing them as customers and this leads to great teamwork and cooperation.

High levels of competition everywhere mean that applicants cannot afford to make a single mistake.  There are a lot of pitfalls in the application game: typos; grammatical mistakes; bad writing; or simply saying either too much or too little about yourself.  The process of college admissions is much more competitive than it has ever been.  A statement that makes clear who you are and what you intend to accomplish in college is now absolutely crucial to get you into the school of your choice.  Have you had a few difficult moments when you sat down to write the "personal statement" part of your college or graduate school application?  Most of us are reluctant to talk about ourselves.  Sometimes we are a little too modest.  It's a nice quality in a person.  It's also a quality that can get in your way at certain crucial moments. I have been helping people to get their personal statements in shape.

During the past 20 years, The Writer's Coach's success rate has been over 90% for undergraduate applications and over 95% for graduate admissions.   If you are facing that all-important personal statement, please don't wait and call me (310) 452-2865 for an appointment.  



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